Data in Gateway but not on Application console

We use the gateway of dragino . we need to use the frequency AS923 with web THE THINGS NETWORK. We already sent data to the things network and it receives in LIVE DATA of gateway. we don’t understand. Why ?. We don’t receive data in the LIVE DATA of applications.
Currently, We only can receive data of 2 the frequency 923.2 and 923.4. All remain the frequency can’t receive data in LIVE DATA of applications.
If you have a manual, please you can send it to me.

Manuals for support of Dragino GW’s are readily available for download from their web site - can you confirm which GW you are using please - they do several LoRaWAN GW’s as used on TTN (LG308, LPS8, LIG16 et al - basically atleast 8 channel support for LoRaWAN) please be sure you are not using one of their LoRa ‘Gateways’/Media Convertors which are basically SCPF or DCPF’s (Forum search) and not LoRaWAN GW’s (LG01, LG02 et al), these should not be used on TTN and are disruptive to other users… the fact you only see 2 channels makes me wonder if using e.g. an LG02 and you are then seeing a clear example of why these are not supported…! :wink:

I’ve altered the topic title as yours referenced almost everything that happens here.

Please do not continue to use All-Caps.

There are many Dragino gateways - perhaps you could be more specific.

If you are using a gateway with the number 2 in the part number, as above, they are not supported as they are not gateways - Dragino makes this clear on their website. See:

We are using the gateway dragino model LPS8.
LIVE Data of application.

We only receive data with the frequencies as923.2 and as923.4. All remain the frequency don’t receive data in live data of the application.

LIVE DATA of gateway.

We receive data with all the frequency of as923.

We think . Live data of application has a problem decode or filter. Do you have several examples about as923?
If you have the setting document of Web The Thing Network, please send manner to use TTN with as923.


Is your end device using ABP or OTAA?

How is your node configured, what node are you using COTS or self build? If self build what firmware/LoRaWAN stack? If COTS which firmware version from vendor? As Jac asks ABP or OTAA, is node set to (randomly) use all 8 channels or just set for mandatory channels or…? Do the gw logs match you Node txs as in is the node also sending other txs on other channels? If so are you sure/how have you verified?

Not that we are aware of… if you are following the correct frequency plan on both node and gw there is no reason why it would be filtered out. How often are you tx’ing? Regulatory limits are usually applied both per frequency band and per sub-band so its poss you are falling fowl of Tx limits even if node correctly sending across the allocated channels, but don’t think likely in this case…

Edit: Actually a closer look suggests you are seeing several freq at the gw… are these all from same node or are these different nodes on same application? Tx interval on a couple of your images are a bit short implying Tx too often? Also one shows a Rssi at -125… right at fringe of Rx sensitivity…rare to see lower than -120/-121 in the console… If at edge of reception may be corrupt/fail checks and not get passed to application - how far are node(s) from gw?

The end device use ABP mode.

And the answers to the other question we asked?

Note with OTAA freq info is configured automagically. With ABP it is your problem to ensure that the node is correctly configured to use all available channels and to advise the NS that you have set them correctly and fully using the details in the Consoles… can you confirm you have done this…and double check all entered correctly and compiled into the firmware on node…

we configured module Lora (RISINGHF RHF0M062-HF22) and we checked it. it’s correct. we used module RISINGHF Lora. The firmware is provided by the manufacturer. Can you check this module with TTN? (AS923). we used with server TTN V2. It’s OK. But After we used server TTN V3, it don’t receive data in the live data of the application. In this case, the live data of the gateway is received data with all the frequency by TTN.