Data not displaying on uplink nor coming into database

Hi there,

I have setup hundreds of other nodes (Dragino, Elsys) but I am having problems with importing data from some DecentLab nodes.

I am using the built in payload decoders from TTN.

You can see on the Live Data feed that it appears that data isn’t coming in other than the DeviceID.

However, when I look at the event details, information is in there.

I have actually taken the event details from two separate events on the same device to compare in Notepad++ and I can see the data values are different so I suspect the node itself is fine

We use Grafana to graph the data from our database, and it shows that the data isn’t coming in but the DeviceID is - which is the only field we can see on the Live Data feed.

Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do? I suspect it will be something to do with the Payload decoder but I would appreciate any pointers that the community can help me out with.

Many thanks in advance.

The payload decoder seems to work as expected, otherwise you would not have for example the value for ‘maximum_wind_speed’ which you compared in your example.
So check you database if the data gets entered there, if yes, your graphs are configured false. If the data is no in the database, you should your script/app which is storing the data into the database.