Data Storage Integration Not working with TekTelic Sensor?


I have set up an application and registered one KONA TekTelic Smart Room device in it.
It is receiving data as expected and showing traffic in application data page.

Now, I added Data Storage integration from Integrations tab. The status says it is running.

Now, when I try to fetch data or device info from Swagger UI, it gives me 204 response. Meaning no data is available.

I use the default key of the application access keys as authorization.

Also, when I see application data, it does not show any historical records which I think comes from data storage integration. So I guess that means data storage is not storing any data?

I also have another application which has TTN Node device and data storage works just fine.

Am I missing some configurations specific to KONA Smart Room Sensors application?

Thanks in Advance!


The web page only collects & shows data whilst you have it open in your browser - if you go to the page, it will be blank.

I don’t think TTN knows what your device is, I’ve not seen any device configuration requirements.

The 204 means no content as in nothing to say, it doesn’t mean there is no data. You normally get this if you put in a partially matching device-id

Thanks for helping out!
I get the same 204 no content response when I just try to get devices.

Yes, the web page only shows data when it is open in the browser. However, I think it also shows some ‘historical’ entries from the data storage integration. So I believe if the data storage was storing data it would show up there?

I am attaching Curl call data for reference.

Unlikely to help, but you never know:

  • Can you run the curl command manually?

    There is a known issues with some programming languages, especially Java (and Android apps written in Java) to access domain names that hold underscores. (Officially, underscores are not allowed in the hostname part of a URL.) I don’t know what is used to create the Swagger UI pages. As the request are made by the Swagger UI JavaScript frontend code, this should not matter. Also, I doubt one would get a 204 No Data in that case. But who knows…

  • Are you using any Decoder in the Payload Formats? (That should also work, but, e.g., nested result objects are persisted as text. Maybe there are some cases that are not persisted at all. Again, not likely, but who knows…)

  • Are you running any other integrations? (Again, should not matter…)

Asides: the Data Integration works fine for me right now, but I’m not using underscores anywhere. The default authorization key you’re using should be fine. And you’re right that TTN Console should also show data from that integration (though sometimes it takes some time); see Why application data is shown as historical?

I have enabled data integration on a TTN application for Tektelic Kona Home Sensors some time ago (have not been actively using it since).

I configured decoder and encoder functions in the TTN console to see the actual sensor data in the console and later enabled the data integration.

Enabling the data integration does not require sensor specific settings.

I dont think underscore is an issue here. We have another application with integration that has TTN node and it also has underscores in name. That one works just fine.

Yes, I am using a decoder for TekTelic payload.
Here is the link to that.

The decoder is working great. It is decoding messages as expected and we can see that with realtime traffic when webpage is open. We are recording temperature, humidity and motion data. It consists of number, boolean and string data types. Sometimes it reports null values.

No, I am not running any other integration.

What is confusing is that the integration works perfectly with another application that has a TTN node with similar data types, names, configs.

The only difference is type of sensor.

I commissioned a similar TekTelic sensor in another application where data integration is already running and working fine. Now it is able to find the device and data for new device.

So this rules out the case where it might be something sensor specific/ naming conventions / decoder specific.

This might not make sense, but is it possible that ttn network only allows one active data integration?


Per application yes. I have many applications and all are running Data Storage & HTTP and are all fine.

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It seems it’s only about the data, not about the device info: