Why application data is shown as historical?

Hello!!! When I see the payload in the TTN console some have counter and some are shown as historical data? Do you know the reason and what historical data means? Thanks a lot

This is only shown for some applications. From Slack, September 26th:


If you have the “Data Storage” integration enabled, the console will try to fetch the latest messages from the storage.

See https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/docs/applications/storage/

So, those are recent messages that arrived before you actually opened TTN Console.

As the Data Storage integration only stores the application data and a timestamp, you’ll not see any metadata such as the counter, port, data rate, or details about the gateway(s). That’s why it will show “This message was retreived from historical data, some information might be missing.” instead.

For the Data page of applications that do not have the Data Storage Integration enabled, and for a gateway’s Traffic page, TTN Console will only show messages that arrived since you opened TTN Console.