Gateway traffic and application data not available

I have configured a TekTelic KONA Micro gateway and a TekTelic Home Sensor in TTN Server.
Both of them are showing connected and their status is also being updated. I can also see the ‘Frames Up’ counter being updated on regular interval.

However, I can not see any data/traffic in ‘Gateway Traffic’ tab and ‘Application Data’ tab.

I have followed all the documentation available and dont think I am missing out on any configuration since status and frames counter is updating.

How can I see the data in application and gateway?


Traffic is only visible if the uplink occurs while you have the page open. No historic data will be shown. Do you keep the page open?

Okay. I did not know that we need to keep the page open. I kept the page open and it showed the data. Thanks for the prompt response!

See also Why application data is shown as historical?