Old decoder value still there after removed when enabled Data storage

Hi all!

I have added Data Storage Integration in my Application
I wrote some code in the decoder to show a “test” value and then I removed it
But because “Data Storage” will record the history payload
The “test” value still exist, like this:


does anyone know how could I remove the “test” value?
I already tried removing the “Data Storage Integration” and add it again but the “test” value still exists…
Please help me…

Best regards

You can’t, but: TTN Console’s Data page only shows a short history from that integration, like about an hour or so?

Even after that few hours, when no longer visible in TTN Console, it will still be kept for 7 days. Even removing the device won’t help, and after 7 days the device will still be returned (without data) by that integration:

Aside: in one of your tests you returned test: "123". Whatever will be processing your Decoder’s result may expect a true number, which would show without the quotes in TTN Console.

Hi Arjan,

Ok, I will check this problem after 7 days,
Thank you for your reply :blush:

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It should already not show in TTN Console much earlier. See also Why application data is shown as historical?

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Yes, It disappears after a weekend.
Thank you!