Display rssi on tin console

I use the thing node and the thing uno boards. Everything is ok. I see my datas (temperature and humidity)(lpp format) coming into the gateway (The thing gateway) but I cannot display the rssi in my TTN window. I look at downlink but nothing appears. I also use Cayenne mydevice and I can see the rssi so I suppose Cayenne is able to get the rssi from TTN cloud. I need to see the rssi on TTN window to be able to make some calculates with 10 samples at same place for my connected object (the thing uno). It’s better for me to use TTN window instead of cayenne window because TTN cloud is more reactive. I see somme picture on internet with rssi displaying in TTN window. So does anyone know how to manage?
Thanks a lot.
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Click on an uplink in the application’s or device’s Data page. You’ll see details for all gateways that received that uplink. Remember: that could be multiple gateways. (I don’t know how the list of gateways is sorted in that case.) The gateway’s Traffic page will show the same details when clicking an uplink, but only for that specific gateway.

Be sure to have the TTN Console browser window open when receiving data. (The details won’t show for historical data.)

To get the details in some programming code, you’d need the MQTT data API.

TTN Console application Data page example

MQTT example