Packets do not appear any more in console

Hello everyone,

I’m new here and built a Lora node conform video Lora node Andreas Spiess . It consists of an Arduino Uno and a (clone) Dragino Shield on top of it. I use the sketch ‘Hello world’ adapted by Spiess, which only sends the word ‘hi’ into the air.

Yesterday it worked perfectly, packets and payload appeared in the TTN console. I reached 3 gateways, from 4,4 km up till 5,8 km. I tried several locations in the house and since there is only one spot where it works I put it there again. But no succes any more. Also the results of yesterday are not in the console any more. The serial monitor of the Arduino indicates the sketch is running fine. I checked the keys, they are in order, the same as they were yesterday and conform Spiess’ example (msb).

I can simulate an uplink datasend from the console, this does arrive in the console.

Does anyone have a clue as to what is happening here?

I also noticed that at some moments all gateways in TTN mapper in my area appear red instead of blue, so is there some central issue going on? How to check?

Regards, Roel van der Vlugt (NL, Alkmaar area).

That example uses ABP.

You’re running into a security issue against replay attacks. Whenever you reset a device (or upload a new sketch), its counters will be reset to zero. But as there is no join process for ABP (like as used for OTAA), TTN does not know about that, and will reject all uplinks that have a counter value that is smaller than, or equal to, the last value that TTN knows.

When you reset an ABP device, you also need to reset the counters in TTN Console. Or for testing sometimes disabling the frame counter security helps. Neither is ever recommended for production nodes, but might even be troublesome for test nodes; see ABP node stopped working -> Fixed by creating new ABP.. Why? :)


That’s to be expected. TTN mainly provides the network, and TTN Console only provides a live view for debugging. You could add the Data Storage Integration to keep the last 7 days of data, for which TTN Console will then also show, I think, the last hour or so of historical data. But TTN Console is not designed to provide the best way to view the data. See the MQTT Data API and the integrations.


Thanks Arjan, your explanation was helpfull. I reset the device, the counters en disabled frame count, now packets are counted again in the console. I learn a lot about this network en technique these days…