Data to Azure IoT Central

Hi All,

looking for anybody who has done a simple explanation of how to get TTN application data to Azure IoT Central.

My DIsclaimer - IoT noob, currently can use the Cayenne, Ubidots, Tago etc integrations where it is fairly straight forward, also using NodeRED and MQTT for some stuff but would like to remove the intermediary step if possible.

Can you use the HTTP integration?

Looking for some basic help on where to start - please be gentle :slight_smile:


See HTTP integration with Azure Functions (testing)?

For folks interested in connecting The Things Network to Azure IoT Central we just released an open source project that shows how to do this via the HTTP integration to an Azure function. See the repo here:, and the documentation about it here:


Hi Paul, I am using TTN HTTP Integration to Azure Eventhub and it works just fine.
I am interested to connect devices to IoTHub itself so any feedback is appreciated.

I worked this out using Node RED and the Azure node - once I got data there I found the dashboards available very limiting and uninspiring.

Have now moved to an AWS micro server running node red, influxdb and grafana.

Grafana offers much more flexibility and professional looking dashboards.


Any plans to add IoT Central communication (SDK) to the things network so it’s easier to set-up? (and supports settings)

I’m trying to set up a bridge to IoT Central but I see conflicting advice and it just isn’t working (yet).

I know this post is a bit old, but if you have any notes on how you integrated with AWS, it would certainly help. I’m particularly interested in configuring the TTN integration and applications on AWS. Setting up an AWS instance is pretty straightforward.

found the problem the device id had to be lowercase, the things network uses A-F. (not a-f) (deviceId in this code is Device EUI from the things network not Device ID)
req.body = {
device: {
deviceId: req.body.hardware_serial.toLowerCase()
measurements: req.body.payload_fields

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@wrldtvlr - On my AWS instance I am running Node RED, Influx and Grafana.

Node RED uses a MQTT node to grab data from my device at TTN - a function node gets it formatted for Influx and then an Influx node writes it to the database.

So in effect I dont use the AWS IoT stuff - just my own dashboards running in Grafana