Datacake Downlink not working

Hello, I’m trying to get my Dragino Lt-22222-L up and running with “Datacake”
Everything worked flawlessly until I tried to change the Relai status from “off” to “on”.
I’m not 100% sure why this is not working but I assume it’s a problem with the network server.

I just got the server working but I’m getting an auth error.

{"code":3,"message":"error:pkg/auth:token (invalid token)","details":[{"@type":"","namespace":"pkg/auth","name":"token","message_format":"invalid token","correlation_id":"DELETED","code":3}]}

I don’t know which token is meant…

Thank you very much in advance!

Hey, this probably refers to the “TTI Api Key” that you find on TTSv3 and that needs to be added in the device’s configuration on Datacake. Here’s a guide with screenshots:

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