Debugging device connectivity with RAK831 gateway


I have a RAK831 RaspberryPi 3B+ gateway. The gateway appears to be talking to TTN successfully, concluding as much by the green “Connected” status in the TTN Console.

I have configured an Application and Device in TTN with what I believe are the appropriate values, primary considering I expect being the Device EUI which does match the EUI printed on the device.

The problem is that the device is still showing as “never seen” and I am not seeing any errors in the logs I’m aware of:
/var/log/syslog/lora-app-server (which is empty)
/var/log/syslog/lora-gateway-bridge (which is empty)
/var/log/syslog/loraserver (which is empty)

Tailing the syslog while triggering the device I don’t see any change in log output corresponding to supposded device activity.Doing a tcpdump I see consistent ongoing output irrespective of device activity.

How can I debug the connectivity of the device to confirm if the problem is between device and gateway or between the gateway and TTN, or to get more information about what the LoRa antenna is/isn’t receiving?

The syslog has times that it says there are packets to send upstream however I’m not clear on the correct interpretation of “upstream” in this case.



No need to start at the gateway logs. Check the traffic in the TTN console for your gateway. There you should see anything forwarder by your gateway to TTN.

BTW, where in the world are you and which frequency plan are you using? For Australians live is difficult because there are two frequency plans in use. Devices using the and and gateways using them other will never work due to differences in frequencies used for transmission/reception.

Thanks Jac. I’m in Australia. Looking now at the devices I have they are 923Mhz and the global_conf.json I used is the AU one which seems to have a range covering 923 but “freq” is 917200000 so I guess that would be a mismatch for my scenario (although not entirely sure if 923Mhz is covered anyway by virtue of min & max frequencies being covered:

“type”: “SX1257”,
“freq”: 917200000,
“rssi_offset”: -166.0,
“tx_enable”: true,
“tx_freq_min”: 915000000,
“tx_freq_max”: 928000000

I will try the other two files AS1-global_conf.json and AS2-global_conf.json and see if either give me any more success.


The default TTN frequency plan does not include 923MHz channels. You’ll need one of the others. You could check which of the other plans is being used by other gateway owners in Australia. There have been a couple of discussions on the subject of which plan to use in Australia on this forum over the years.

Thanks seems I had/have got a bit more learning to do about these frequencies.

The devices in theory are specified as “AU915-928, AS923” and I have to admit when I bought them from an Australian supplier I was going to get them ready for Australian frequency, so had assumed they were 915, but the only label on the devices actually says 923, so, I’ve enquired with the supplier. It seems they might be programmable to one or the other.

If I understand you correctly, if needed, I can configure my gateway to us AS923 but in doing so will need to choose a non-AU TTN server.


You can change to 923 and still use mesh as far as I know,

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