Decentlab Indoor Ambiance Monitor

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Recently I ordered 5 DecentLab’s LoRaWan Indoor Ambiance Monitors for our Smart Building project.
These Indoor Ambiance Monitors will be placed in meeting rooms and classrooms.


Last week they arrived, neatly packed in cardboard boxes with a sticker on which you can find the ID and DevEUI.
After a quick inspection I see a nice small housing, a well-finished product, nice design but the batteries are not present?
Wrong, they are indeed present and already pre-assembled and the device is in sleep mode…nice :wink:


The back plate can easily be removed with a screwdriver and you will notice the minibutton, status led’s, the pcb antenna and the same sticker as on the cardboard box. With the minibutton and the led’s, you can switch between : Reset, Sleep, Test and Active mode. The pcb can be clicked out of the housing … no screws that need to be removed.


Immediately visible, the 2x alkaline AA batteries, the CO2 sensor, the passive infrared (PIR), a 5V 0.47F Supercap and the RN2483 Transciever module. But this device also has temperature, humidity ambient light and a voc sensor onboard.

Registering these devices in The Things Network is done quickly with the keys available in a handy excel sheet.


and also making a dashboard available is simple because this device is already included in Cayenne.


The first devices are already on location and yes, this is a great Swiss ready made product!

Decentlab Indoor Ambiance Monitor


Cool thanks for sharing and reviewing

where did you order?
I found 1 webshop but the item is out of stock.

Send a mail to DecentLab

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