Decoder problem

lately I have some problems associated with the decoding of the payload that occasionally doesn’t seem to be translated by the TTN application decoder.
All begin from an error raised by the Thingsboard aplication server Data Converter due to missing data in the input coming from TTN, that usually contains value of temperature, battery … decoded by TTN

… but in some rarely case they are missing:
This is also confirmed in “Data Storage” integration
Translating the payload_raw (“A/mOFZwQAJFk”) in a byte array (“03 f9 8e 15 9c 10 00 91 64” ) and inserting it in the TTN decoder, it give me the correct decoded data.
So it doesn’t seem an incorrect payload but more an occasional problem related to TTN backend decoder functionality, anyone have experienced issue like this ?

didn’t take screenshot, but saw the same thing few days ago.
I have node-red connected to TTN, and one day I hade error form my system that unrecognized data came in - RAW data was there, but fields were not decoded.

In my case 3 times of missing data from TTN decoder, cause TB data converter to be put in a blacklist.
So I’m evaluating to insert a more detailed data validity check or the decoder itself in the TB data converter.
Thanks for your feedback

I decode most of messages in node-red, but some use fields from TTN decoder.
if function tries to read data that isn’t there we get error that something isn’t right. Yesterday again data from TTN came in without decoded fields. Got error catch on our slack