Delete name and surname from TTN Profile


I’m on TTN website, not the forum one, and I want to update/remove my name and surname shown on my profile page. Apparently I cannot do that. Could you please help me? I can only click the pencil and edit my nickname, but nothing else…



Have you tried looking at your account settings?

If you’re talking about the TTN account (, it’s the screenshot that I posted on my last post, as you can see there I can only change my nickname and not my name/surname.

If you’re talking about the TTN Forum account (, it is the same (screenshot attached)
I can only change “Fabryz” but not my name or surname.


Maybe not on that page, but if you click on account settings …

OH MY God I found it.

I had to look at it 2 times and I couldn’t find it, eye scanning the page that text seemed like just the avatar description, or a string saying “yeah you’re already on the settings page”

I would have expected it to be a button, or at least be an underlined link, there’s no affordance on that text.
I’d suggest to change the graphical way this important functionality is shown on the page

Anyway thanks for helping me, so easy yet so difficult

Please post on GitHub where issues are recorded & tracked - it won’t be picked up here

Sure, which one of the repositories would be more appropriate for this issue?