Delete old devices registered on the V2 network

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We have some multitech devices registered on the old V2 network that we’ve pulled out of storage and want to get going again now that the V3 network seems to be working nicely (I’ll be honest and say I haven’t done any work on TTN for some time due to the whole V2/V3 thing and our gateway troubles).

Anyway - I can currently trying to register them but the first one I tried has the error

a gateway with EUI 00800000A00004CE is already registered (by you or someone else) as psa-lora-ap-12

Which I am pretty sure is due to the fact it’s registered on my colleague Grant’s account (part of Gold Coast network). I have Grant’s login and have logged in and can’t see the devices so I’m guessing must be on the old V2 stack which is now gone.

Is there a way we can flush this out or does it have to be via support here?

I have one of gateways here - happy to provide photo of the nodeid if that’s required.

Many Thanks

Devices = nodes = things with sensors, I believe you mean gateways


No, no one here has access to the TTI databases - but you can try on #support on Slack.

You may want to review the recent existing posts on gateway registration on the forum’s main list page for more info. Or try the :mag: Some of the results usually contain “colleague created new account” so that’s worth checking.

And rather than ask for them to be resolved in a piecemeal fashion, check the rest of them.

As for the “whole V2/V3 thing”, anything you heard & saw was the tip of the iceberg that couldn’t breath - the vast majority transferred over without issue. Almost everything done to V3 since Jan 2021 were enhancements in functionality, which we get for free, just like the base service.

was Grant user name ‘daforg’? Placement TTN Hope Island? FP AU915? That from V2 API, current V3/TTS(CE) info shows it must be registered in V3 as though currently offline it was last updated “2022-08-21T11:56:10.289449Z” Had he already migrated it? Or have you made 2 attempts leading to the error message?

:thinking: have you simply registered under V3 or did you also update the GW settings/config to point to new correct TTN server instance? “”

V2 and V3 are separate databases and hence there won’t be any conflicts. Also the V2 database has been retired so there are no gateway registrations anymore.

a gateway with EUI 00800000A00004CE is already registered (by you or someone else) as psa-lora-ap-12

This gateway is indeed registered and has three collaborators, none of which seem to be someone named Grant.

Hi Jeff - yes - it was daforg. I believe he has 3 gateways - I was also the collaborator on them. None of them appear in either my console or his (I have his login at the moment to try resolve). They have all been off since before Covid lockdowns from memory.

Want to get the GC network back if I can - we have plenty of devices knocking about - just been a while since any of them have been online and a bit of effort required from myself. I am also taking one gateway (sorry for mixing up terminology above) up to far north Queensland today to play with which is the gateway I posted above. If we get our Starlink connection up ok - I am considering putting a node up there (it’s pretty remote!). I’ll do the others for Gold Coast when I get home.

Thanks Nick - will check out other posts. Yes - mean gateways - sorry for confusion.

Do you have any data or assurances wrt comms latenc - LEO sat may be an issue for round tripping if too long unless system designed for that use case (see e.g. Lacuna Space) or if other gw’s see message the NS may drop LEO routed packets if they arirve too late - even the GW it services sees the strongest signal, which in turn shoud support shortest SF use case.

Starlink is special Bozo-sauce. Works like local internet, good speed, reasonable latency, fine for LoRaWAN on a 5 second Rx1, unless the density of the local users (yes, I mean that both ways) exceeds the constellation overhead’s capacity, then it gets badly bogged down. Space X can shuffle stuff around, but not quickly - which is why they prohibit movement of a standard subscription kit and are bringing out an RV version. It needs ~1.5kWh day to run.

NB IoT coverage on Telstra is pretty good so whilst off topic for this forum, I’d look at that, perhaps using LoRa P2P to a ‘gateway’ to relay via NB IoT, albeit with much more limited transfer size than with a 4G or Starlink backhaul. Or use an Ethernet P2P microwave link to the nearest wired connection.

The green solution would be to implement RFC1149 although you may need to add some α-Methylphenethylamine to get the throughput you need.

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Green maybe, but latency way too high in that case, though good for bursts of high volume data…. Replace the 2010 300MB video experiment with a more recent 256GB uSD?

Not related to my original question - but pleased to report starlink is working really well out here (6 hours NW of Cairns). We are a good 600km out of the supported starlink area at the moment and getting good connection and only very occasional dropout.

Would love to leave a gateway out here and have a good remote station here for our base - but if can’t get my original problem fixed I’ll just take this one home and use it on the Gold Coast network. Don’t think there are any TTN gateways anywhere near to us - closest I can see on the map is Townsville (coincidentally where the starlink coverage currently goes to!)

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We are currently running RV version - and running on an inverter off battery and solar (and a bit of genny if cloudy). I’ve bought the dishypower device recently so we can remove the inverter once we’ve proven everything out. Good solution for off-grid.