Delete then re-adding a device

I had an issue with a device so I deleted it then tried to re-add it. I no longer receive any messages to the console. So I suspect that the original entry is still in a DB somewhere so the messages are no longer routed to my application. Is there a method of seeing where my device is still registered?

There can be only one instance of the combination of DevEUI and AppEUI (aka JoinEUI) registered at any time on TTN. So if you were able to register it again the old device was successfully deleted.

Thanks for this. Do the devices have any concept of registration?

A number of potential ways to interpret the question:

Does a device know it’s been registered - no, there is no quantum entanglement between the servers in Dublin & your device.

Does a device have to use the credentials to successfully uplink - yes.

Does a device have to register / login / handshake with the servers - yes for OTAA.

If you are experiencing difficulties with getting a device to work, first port of call is to read all of - no need to watch the video just yet. The End Device Activation section is most relevant to your query but we will assume you have read the rest of the Learn section so we can keep the answers down to only a few paragraphs.

We assume you have your own gateway so you can check if the device is transmitting.

If that doesn’t assist you with seeing traffic in the device console, to jump start the 20 questions, can you tell us:

  • Device make & model
  • Gateway make & model
  • Location of device & gateway - separation in meters & number of walls between
  • Activation type you are using
  • Do you have any other devices working OK?

LoRaWAN isn’t a dark art but it does have one heck of a learning hump - once you’ve got your first device running all the buttons & knobs start making sense.

No, but devices do have a concept of joining. If you delete a device and re-add it it must rejoin to get device and network in sync. Usually that is done by restarting the device…

And, somewhat likely, the NwkSKey and AppSKey changed when you re-registered the device on the dashboard, so you might have to add the new ones into your device.

That is only applicable when using ABP which is bad practice. OTAA is the way to go…

I deleted them again. Waited a few hours then added them in and they now operate fine. Thanks for all the advice.

Due to the prolific indexing of Google, anyone else reading this should be aware that there is no known reason for waiting a few hours. Documentation refers: ID and EUI Constraints | The Things Stack for LoRaWAN