Deleted gateway from V3 and can't create it again - id taken

i was so stupid to delete my gateway from the V3 console and now i cant create it again as the ID was allready used.

Is there a way to change the ID in the Things Indoor Gateway - or - is it possible to remove the id from the Database?

Thanks a lot and sorry for this noob error.

Hardware: Things Gateway Indoor
Gateway ID: 58a0cbfffe802e3f

TTIG is not supported in V3 (yet) so simply create in V2… you can look at how migration to V3 goes at the appropriate time.


That said, the id is just a bunch of characters you type in - it has nothing to do with anything other than a way for people to identify by YAI - yet another id.

The “Gateway ID” you quoted is actually an EUI.

Additionally, you can detete devices and set them up again using their original EUI.

I’ll have a look if the same applies to gateways.