Deleting a device from application and create in another application

Why a device when it’s deleted from application A and I create again with same device id and devuid on application B look like not able to send (uplink) periodically data ? I see the request and it’s accepted but nothing after that.

maybe this workaround helps
'The backend clears the DevNonces when you change the AppKey, so if this is a problem, you can just change the AppKey to something else and then change it back

You said, to change the appkey on the device ? On the application “B” (new) or the application “A” ? Sorry not clear for me.

@BoRRoZ it’s not the first time I have this problem, I have also another device in this case. So what’s the steps when you remove a device from application A to move to application B ? It’s look easy but why I have this problem. Thanks to help

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