Deploy current absolute time to LoRaWAN node?

(Kater) #1

Often LoRaWAN nodes do not have a battery-backed RTC (real-time clock). The only clock available is the relative “time since startup” counter in the controller. Although LoRaWAN packets are timestamped upon receipt in the gateway, there is no strict relation between events on the node and absolute, real time (say, UTC). This is especially important if events are queued in the node before transmitting them via LoRa.

So, is there a mechanism by which real time can be deployed from server / gateway / network to a node in a reasonably exact way? For sure it is not sufficient to send a real time marker as an upload telegram to node upon next message receipt. Are timestamps sent within the scope of a Join? (Could not find an evidence for that)

Thanks in advance :smiley:

(Arjan) #2

See Time synchronisation of a Node.

(Arjan) #3