Designing a breakout board for the ESP32 / RFM9X

Are you talking about something like that ?

that fits onto Lolin32 with Lipo Mode ?


With RN2483 footprint as bonus ?


Nice. Still, I need to have the LMIC ported. I’ll drop a note at the Lua-RTOS-EPS32 if we could extract the module and have it as a separate git submodule in the project.

nice! availble for sales? Where? Thx!

any update on esp32 . or anyone use heltec lora board or ttgo lora board ? thx

You may be interested in that link I posted in the BARGAIN forum section.

ESP32 with SX1276 (868/915 MHz) and 0.96" OLED display now released.

Assembled, mounted, plugged onto Lolin32 tested, first TTN join this night :wink:
just a little error RST line of RFM95 connected to GPIO35 which is input only (sad) so you can’t reset RFM by software but do you really need it? If you really need it, quick fix add wire between between GPIO33 (unused) and GPIO35 and reset using GPIO33

I need to clean up and publish to github, in the meantime you can order them on, have fun
Reset fixed in V1.1 it’s now on GPIO25


Have a look here: BIG ESP32 / SX127x topic part 1

will you release an updated version of that nice board?

Oh sorry, it’s Fixed in V1.1. but it’s untested. I received boards yesterday but as I just switched 2 pins it should be okay

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Hi There,
Took time to cleanup my repo and add some documentation, just released and forgot to mention

By the way, V1.1 has RN2483 Footprint

Breakout board for ESP32 (DoIt) DevKit or NodeMCU (ESP8266)
Breakout board for RFM9X
3D printable enclosure