Developing Device & Gateway Alerting Tool (event API)

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I have connected the several devices and gateway to TTN3, now I want to develop an alerting tool which could send me the alerts if I get any abnormal data from the devices/ gateway. I have developed some rules (data quality rules) for each of the devices and gateway. I know using the expose API.
for example, we can use events API to have our custom alerts for the type of events that we are looking for. As for the gateways, there is a MQTT gateway connection state which you can query every 5/10/60 mins to check if the gateway is alive or not. Now I am wondering how can I do it? Is there any guideline available for it?

You can? Please explain more.

Many many discussions on the forum for you to search out & review.

The majority of the discussions tend towards getting the uplinks and looking at the data - either webhook or MQTT - and also looking at which gateways heard the uplink. If your gateways don’t hear appear for a few minutes, then you know there’s an issue.

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Thank you