Device doesn't disappear of TTN!


Here is the whole story with situation. I have a Lora gw running at my place since ages. I have also quite a collection of Lora devices in same area than the GW.

A month ago one of my Lora sensor (Dragino LHT52) stop sending messages (well in TTN console no more messages received). All my other Lora devices are still working fine and messages are well received by my GW.

Once back on site I changed batteries of the Dragino, it made the sequence of light to indicate it sucessfully joined back the network.

BUT no traffic regarding that sensor in my gw and device in TTN doesn’t show any traffic at all.
I tried to delete the device from TTN console and re-adding it but it’s very strange as it gets automatically all the history of the deleted device !! (I use same ID as some applications are linked with that sensor). I have read that it’s supposed to have no delay when you delete a device in TTN console but it looks like it doesn’t delete it immediately as I’m able to “recover” it few hours after having deleted it :confused:

The only thing I can imagine is that someone registered a device with same info on a other Lora network and that my device joins that network instead of TTN but it’s quite strange as I use a big outdoor lora gw so I have more than excellent Lora coverage at my place !

Any ideas what can be the problem ?



Nearly a day later after having deleted device from TTN console, if I put back batteries in it, it joins straight a LORA network. How is that possible ? how can I check if it has been well removed of TTN system ?
or is it the Dragino device that is defective ?

There is nothing wrong with your device.
Likely TTN may not delete your device properly in the database.

Btw, you can use AT Command to change the deveui of your Dragino node.
A bit tricky for LHT65N.

Then can add the node again with new deveui.

so there is well a problem on TTN side :frowning:

Yeah but have to find back the little special adapter as I can’t do it through Lora for now being unable to resetup it in TTN properly :frowning: