Device identification - Vectron

I have a Vectron VE.Direct LoRaWAN module EU868 (module) communicating through a Ursalink UG85 gateway. The module has an id (MAC-addr) that does not show up in the ‘Live data/event details’ on the TTN console website.

If I correlate the time, SNR and RSSI, a fixed 8 digit no. shows up each time a message is received from the device.

What is generating this fixed no. and why isn’t the MAC-address part of the message at the TTN console website?

Likely that will be the network assigned Dev Addr (typically of the form 26 xx xx xx. or 01 xx xx xx or 00 xx xx xx on TTN - the latter two forms are 'experimental’node addresses), which along with the DEV EUI identifies your node to the network server…sounds like you need to read the documentation and perhaps spend the 90 mins watching the LoraWAN fundamentals video by Johan Stocking on the TTN YouTube channel so you understand the TTN/LoRaWAN architecture and network/device operation.

Thank you, I will.
DevAddr starts with 26 XX XX XX.