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Hi, i’m trying to register my device under the applications but i dont know what to enter in this field can anyone guide me with the registration. I tried to learn from youtube but most of them is using the things network v2 so i,m completely clueless on how to register the device. I’m using dragino lora shield v95 as my lora shield and i connect it to arduino mega 2560. For the gateway i’m using Dragino DLOS8. Your help is really appreciated.

  1. In this section which lorawan version should i use?

  2. For this do i need to generate it or use my gateway information ?.

Given nature of this and recent questions strongly suggest you put coffee pot on, read the Learn section then most importantly read the documentation for the various products you are using. Info like LW version is usually clearly called out (esp. for Dragino - also often covered on the Forum (Search!)), and there are fallbacks in the specs. Devices often (usually) provided with a DevEUI by manufacturer (check packaging device came in esp. wrt Dragino) and if not then you will need to generate - but then next challenge is what IDE are you using and how to programme anything you generate into the device…you have a lot of homework to do and then also you need to provide lots of info and details before volunteers can step up and help as and when (reasonably) needed…

Oh, and read the Dragino WiKi for this (hints esp wrt DevEUI)

Per your other questions - did you get it connected to TTN Ok? If not device registration a bit moot unless other GW’s nearby as you still wont see any traffic :wink:

And smartphone pictures of monitors displaying things we can see ourselves in the console aren’t that useful.

it’s solved. i already upgrade the firmware thanks to your suggestion :blush:. I think i might need to study a bit more on how to use the lorawan tehcnology. Will check the learn section. Thanks!

sorry i thought it would be useful if i provide the info :sweat_smile:

Understood, but the format sucks, screen grab / shot / clipping is so much clearer and if it’s a common function we all use you probably only need to say “which LW version should I use” - answer, whatever the firmware / stack requires and “do I use the gateway details in a device setup” - answer, say that out loud and see if it still makes sense, very short answer, no.

And above all, apart from the Learn section, there’s this crazy crazy place where TTI staff waste time writing all the info you are likely to need ever! Here’s an example: Manually adding devices | The Things Stack for LoRaWAN

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I was also trying to create an application on TTN cloud, but I received error massage at the very first step:applications may only be created by admins, or in organizations.

Could anyone please help me with it?


What’s the server address?

Thank you for your response Krishna, the server address is Arduino Console

Ok that is a tenant on The Things Stack Cloud (commercial instance). You need to reach out to the admin of that tenant to get access.
Alternatively, you can sign up for a free discovery tenant.

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