Devices registered on non-existing cluster

We registered our devices in TTN, via REST API and used the address However our devices do apparently send data, but to a different cluster. The error message doesn’t specify which cluster and after changing through all available clusters with my account I wonder where they could send and whether it is possible to change the cluster or specify it at creation?

Screenshot 2022-03-21 at 14.55.39

As you’ve put this in the v2 console topic, I think it would be useful to know what the Python library is that you used so we can see what it tried to do for you.

Yes, sorry I just checked, we actually use a “library” created by us, which builds on top of the standard requests library of python, so we actually use the web API, not a python API.

And when was this library created?

Only recently. The calls all work (according to our sentry) and the devices are correctly created in the Web Interface. Just that the cluster isn’t set correctly apparently.

There are various topics on the forum using a variety of languages for creating devices, as well as the documentation that uses cURL at the command line. I’d suggest scripting it with curl with test entries until you are happy and then compare with what your Python is doing: Using the API | The Things Stack for LoRaWAN

But mostly, I’d use Python to call the official CLI so it does it for you all in one hit and you don’t have to worry about the four different elements.