DevNonce is too small: MLS_SDK_1_0_P_5 & TTI v3.13.1 - SAMR34 Microchip

Hello! I have a XPLAINED PRO SAMR34, I had my code working on MLS_SDK_1_0_P_3, but when upgrading it to 1_0_P_5 and trying to join, on The Things Industries console it appears the message “DevNonce is too small”. I found that MLS_SDK_1_0_P_5 is 1.0.4 in LoRaWAN Core Specification Version. And LoRaWAN Regional Specification version is 1.0.2rB. When I registered the device, I put those settings on TTI.

I also found that when disabling joinBackoffEnable, I can see that DevNonce is incrementing but after a while, the device still cannot join. And when enabling joinBackoffEnable, the device only tries to join once but nothing happens. I would like to know if somebody has used MLS_SDK_1_0_P_5 before.

Also, I doubled check OTAA Join parameters (DevEUI, JoinEUI and AppKey).

Hoppe somebody can help me. :smile:

I haven’t investigated this fully but the work-a-round for now is to use the CLI to reset the devnonce on TTS.

Also, use ABP for developing - saves on the joining issues when testing.

I disabled Duty Cycle limitations and enabled it as “test-mode”, but device keeps re-joining and it says that LoRaWAN Radio is Busy.