DHT11 values not correct (CheckSum error)

Hello everyone!
I have a DHT11 sensors and I am using a dragino example for it. Everything is working but I am getting strange values like 1.111 for humidity and temp. I have a checksum error and I have tried to fix it but wasnt able to. Is it possible if you help me deal with the problem?
Best regards!
Couldnt attach the code to the post here is a github link

Your problem with the sensor is not related to LoRaWAN. Even more: your code is using plain LoRa, not LoRaWAN: even when you get it working, you won’t be able to use that code for The Things Network.

That said, to get you started:

Your code handles the sensor reading all by itself. That should probably work. But lacking any detail about how you connected it, we can only assume you’ve got all wiring correct (possibly including a pull-up resistor). And also lacking details of what changes you made to the original Dragino example, all we can say is: check, and double-check, the wiring and code, and adjust the following if applicable to your wiring:

#define dht_dpin A0 // Use A0 pin as Data pin for DHT11.

See also the many tutorials for this sensor, like on Adafruit to use a library to get the temperature and humidity readings.