Difference between TTN Enterprise on AWS and TTN LoRaWAN V3

Hi there,

I notice there is a TTN enterprise option on AWS which you pay for the server infrastructure and then an hourly rate for the enterprise license based on devices. What is the difference between this and the LoRaWAN V3 available here - https://github.com/TheThingsNetwork/lorawan-stack

Lokking at https://github.com/TheThingsNetwork/lorawan-stack this is what Im wanting to install. Is it possible for me to run my private router and still connect it to TTN so I can forward packets that aren’t destined for my own devices, while at the same time receive data from TTN public network in reverse? i.e. similar to how there are multiple ttn endpoints available today, such as thethings.meshed.com.au ?

Many thanks in advance

No it is not. In the future that might be possible using the packet broker, however running your own network will require a valid ID if you want to receive packets from other networks as well. (And that ID required membership of the LoRa alliance)

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