Difficulty Connecting MultiTech Gateway to Internet

(Wipes) #1

I am struggling to connect my MT gateway to the internet to download the github package from TTN.

I have followed this guide:Configure AEP model Login to web interface

I have my gateway set static to my private address of and have a reservation based on its MAC address on my Internet router. The router & MT Gateway share a switch with a PC I use to SSH into it aswell as use the web interface. I have tried ( as primary DNS as well as my home router but still cannot seem to ping outside of my local network.

eth0 config -

I can however ping my internet router -

I have enabled WAN in the areas the guide suggests but I’m not sure if I’m missing something, any help appreciated.

(Wipes) #2

I Fixed this problem by changing Static in the Eth options to DHCP client and automating the IP reservation so it would still receive the same address based on its MAC addr.


Don’t use the WAN setting because then u use it as a router. And you are all ready behind a router/gateway.