DIY gateway using ESP modules

I wanna make my own gateway using any of the ESP modules which is compatible with TTN. Is it really possible to do? Can anyone please help me on this.

To get the needed basic ideas, just go to Youtube and search for “ttn gateway esp” - you will be surprised about the amount of results

And dissapointed too! Be sure to filter for results using a concentrator card NOT using a single LoRa transceiver - these yield SCPF & DCPF implementations which are not LoRaWAN Gateways and which are not supported on TTN or the community/forum…indeed these monstrocities are disruptive to other users.!

There are commercial devces which combine sufficiently powerful confiigurations of the ESP family with a full 8 channel LoRaWAN transceiver subsystem that do work - e.g. the TTIG or OEM equivalents or higher performance versions.

If you see e.g. an ESP + RFM95 or equivalent, close the browser tab, walk away and drink more coffee! :slight_smile:

You are misguided, these are not the gateways you seek.

The TTI stack is software, ESP is hardware - it’s the software on the device that makes it compatible with LoRaWAN.

Not without stringing at least 8 together and writing code to co-ordinate their efforts and somehow sort out the channel activity detect. Which would cost more in hardware alone than an actual gateway. Even two ESP32 modules cost about the same as a TTIG.

No one here can help, walk away whilst your soul is clean.

See Single Channel Packet Forwarders (SCPF) are obsolete and not supported