DIY outdoor gateway with RAK2245

Hello everybody,

About two weeks ago I set up an outdoor gateway using RAK’s 2245 starter kit.

I took the advantage of having available an IP66 rated fiberglass reinforced polyester enclosure accomodating other equipment and found a place for the little boards sandwich inside. The antenna is RAK’s 5.8 dBi omni available here and I can say that I’m more than happy regarding the overall performance of the system, considering its low price; including customs tax, shipping, wiring stuff and power supply was about 300 euros).

Having the antenna installed on the roof of a 5 floor building, having similar buildings around, I got a maximum range of about 12 km in a hilly, suburban area. TTN mapping is available here.

I will possibly need to install a fan with a thermostat; for now, Pi’s processor temperature did not get above 50 deg C, for an average ambiental temperature of 25.


I’ll only come with updates if something will go wrong (hopefully not).