DLOS8N Location Update from Status Messages

I have a Dragino DLOS8N that is reporting its GPS position in the gateway status messages but I continue to get a “This gateway has no location information set” in the Location settings for the gateway. I have the radio button selected for “Update from status messages”.

Any idea why TTS isn’t parsing the GPS location information automatically?

Here’s the part of the gateway status message it is reporting every 30 seconds:

antenna_locations": [
“latitude”: xx.xx557,
“longitude”: -xx.xx721,
“altitude”: 35,
“source”: “SOURCE_GPS”

If you are using the Semtech UDP packet forwarder (using port 1700) then it won’t use the GPS information as a security measure. The Semtech UDP protocol has no authentication so anyone can send a packet with any GPS information messing up the location.

Yes, per the Dragino manual, I’m using Semtech UDP. Does Dragino support another, more secure protocol?

What about TTN Basic-Station? It uses https.