DLSO8 LTE doesn#t work with GSM-Card


does anyone have good experience with the use of a Dragino DSL08 gateway with GSM connection?

I am trying to set it up, basically I have an internet connection, but it hangs after minutes.

The current firmware, dragino-lgw–v5.4.1640315898, is installed.



Yes, I deployed one last year during the summer which has been running on 4G ever since without any mayor hiccups. Firmware I used was the last release before juli 2020.
I’m using the same firmware on an LG308 with 4G connectivity (fitted in an outdoor enclosure).

Thank you!

Ok i will seach for the cause. I testet it with two gateways , both show the same behaviour.

I will look.



You might want to try with a different SIM just to check if the issue is provider related.

I can also confirm the DLOS8 works fine with 4G.
How did you test the connection?

  • Did you ping a server from the gateway?
  • Can you see the sim status in your providers’ dashboard?
  • Do you see gateway data in TTN?

It might help if you share which settings you use and what exactly do you see.

Hello, today i changed the sim from Vodafone to medion (alditalk), the same behaviot.

It worked fore samo minutes, then connection is lost!


LOG GW6-medion.txt (66.8 KB)

The problem was the simultaneous setup of LTE and WLAN. Without preconfigured WLAN all work fine.


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