Do TTS Cloud Gateways add coverage to TTS Community?

Hey there, I am confused about the “shared infrastructure” mentioned on this page: Deployment Options (
Does that mean, that when I add a gateway under the Cloud Deployment Option, it will also forward packages from LoRaWAN-nodes to TTS Community Edition?
Or does it mean, that the cloud-resource (network-server) is shared between different tenants and the LoRaWAN gateways set up in this network do not add coverage to TTS Community Edition.

I’m clear about the fundamental differences. Paid models offer support, advanced integrations, SLA, …
I just don’t quite understand what the infrastructure is about and how the different “models” can work together.

The key line is Interoperability - Network peering via Packet Broker. It is an option across all variants. If enabled it can add to the Community coverage :slight_smile: Suggest you discuss with the TTI Core team (sales@ ) if interested and want to enable this option.


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