Docker Image Size Growing so fast

We have a local instance of The Things Stack v3.14.0, all was working perfect since one year aprox, but now the size of docker images is filling the disk space available.

After runing this:

docker exec -it docker_ttn_stack_1 du | sort -n
812 ./srv/ttn-lorawan/lorawan-devices-index/vendor/tektelic
1008 ./srv/ttn-lorawan/lorawan-devices-index/vendor/nke-watteco
1880 ./usr
3788 ./lib
6960 ./srv/ttn-lorawan/lorawan-devices-index/vendor
35096 ./srv/ttn-lorawan/public
59168 ./srv/ttn-lorawan/lorawan-devices-index/index.bleve
66128 ./srv/ttn-lorawan/lorawan-devices-index
101556 ./srv
101556 ./srv/ttn-lorawan
106584 ./bin
214528 .

The question is: What I should delete? There are logs to delete? How I can clean up the server?

Best regards

One observation - v3.14.0 is now way behind the current release - TTS(CE) moved to maintenance activity with 3.22.2 Monday just past. Have you considered updating? There have been a lot of changes improvements and updates under the hood since your release…

Hi Jeff,
Thank you, I’ll considerate to update version, by the way I don’t think that my problem could be a version. I’ts seem a garbage not deleted.