Downlink confirmation stuck?

I don’t get this, it looks like device recieves downlink but doesent confirm it? or is trying to confirm to gateway out of react atm?

Which LMIC library are you using?

Lots of us are having this issue too.

lmic-arduino I think. cant really say right now, device is remote… worked fine on table.

Is ADR turned on? this is what triggers the cycle of downlink/confirms - I’m still unclear if its the LMIC library issue or something on TTN backend that has changed recently

hm. SF fixed .

could be something about spread factor…

// Disable link check validation

// TTN uses SF9 for its RX2 window.
LMIC.dn2Dr = DR_SF9;

// Set data rate and transmit power for uplink (note: txpow seems to be ignored by the library)

is ADR on or off?

for what I can see… its not on

I had the same problem using ttgo v1. The device was not able to receive downlink but was sending uplink without problems. I used the same code on two different devices and it was working on one, but not working on the other one. Maybe you try your code on a different device. The message in TTN only means, that you send a downlink with the confirmation request. It does not say that it was well received. The green button ack is missing.

yup… It was signal problem. I added bigger antenna and now it’s ok. (it’s in a bunker two miles away from concentrator). But I also don’t get it… it has strength to send signal, and all 4 my concentrators can hear it well… but cannot recieve it…

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