Downlink error in v3 UI - message not arriving at gateway nor device

Hi all,

we have successfully migrated our acceptance environment to the new v3 stack and so far nearly everything is working fine. Unfortunately one important part is not, which is sending messages to the devices (downlink).

We can schedule the downlink messages and we can see them being received and put onto the queue in the v3 live data view but when it comes to actually delivering them to the device, they do not arrive. Neither are the downlink messages seen on the Gateway, which we watched locally as well as on TTN.

On TTN we get the following error message in the Gateway console:


But the data json itself looks fine to me so I am asking here, is this something that has to do with the data we are sending or is this something on TTN side of things?

We tested both, scheduling the downlink message through the TTN UI as well as through the API

I have attached the json messages from the TTN UI for reference.

Maybe you can point me in the right direction to get this working… :thinking:

Thanks for any help.

ttnv3-receive-downlink.json (1.0 KB) ttnv3-forwards-downlink.json (1.0 KB)
ttnv3-downlink-error.json (1.6 KB)

This started a few day ago…
My two gateway that are on Ver3 are seeing an odd error. both are LPS8 with current firmware…
traffic seems to continue working…

There was an error and the event cannot be displayed. The raw event can by viewed by clicking this row.

below is the event display…

  "name": "gs.down.send",
  "time": "2021-04-22T23:30:56.661966274Z",
  "identifiers": [
      "gateway_ids": {
        "gateway_id": "lps8-9old",
        "eui": "A840411EF1C04150"
  "data": {
    "@type": "",
    "raw_payload": "YIwaDCagQhh6PYln",
    "request": {
      "downlink_paths": [
          "uplink_token": "ChcKFQoJbHBzOC05b2xkEgioQEEe8cBBUBCT4pjJBBoLCLCOiIQGEJvu3WUguOS+6dulKQ=="
      "rx1_delay": 5,
      "rx1_data_rate_index": 13,
      "rx1_frequency": "923900000",
      "rx2_data_rate_index": 8,
      "rx2_frequency": "923300000",
      "priority": "HIGHEST",
      "frequency_plan_id": "US_902_928_FSB_2"
    "correlation_ids": [
  "correlation_ids": [
  "origin": "",
  "context": {
    "tenant-id": "CgN0dG4="
  "visibility": {
    "rights": [
  "unique_id": "01F3XYR5GNTZ60HC80K66W4DYC"

Moved to relevant topic, @trlafleur, please search the forum and please consider the content of the thread you are adding to for relevance. Cheers.

Looking at the content of the error message kindly provided by @trlafleur, it would appear that it is all about the UI not being able to display the message, not that the message itself is indicating a problem.

Can one of you please file a bug report on GitHub so this can be resolved.

Hi all,

is there already a solution for @sqippa-online problem? I Migrate from V2 to V3 with the UDP Packet Forwarder and have the same Issue.

Thanks for help

As I said, this appears to be a UI bug.

Are uplinks are flowing through your gateway?

Gateway Traffic:

Gateway Traffic

Node Traffic:

Node Traffic

I thought the error was with the downlink but the uplink works and I also get data in my MQTT integration.
However, I do not send any data as a downlink but only an acknowledgement.

Thanks for your Help!

I’m noticing the same thing and see that an issue has already been raised for this, you can track progress on the fix at: Warnings in the TTS Console for `gs.down.send` event · Issue #4078 · TheThingsNetwork/lorawan-stack · GitHub

FWIW, I’ve now seen this whilst testing a new device - data was passed on with no problems.

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Good morning all,

@descartes: My problem is not just a UI issue, the data is not arriving at the client, nor at the gateway on the client location.

@philmcm Thanks for linking to the UI github issue.

@MarkusKa Do you see the messages arrive at your device, or are you having the same issue that they don’t arrive at the device nor the local gateway?


Do you mean that the downlink messages do not arrive at your device?
I only get a confirmation as a downlink that the uplink was successful and that works. I do not send any data as downlink.

The Uplink Work and so does my MQTT Integration.

@MarkusKa Yes correct. I am sending commands to the device to do something (e.g. restart) and I do get the schedule downlink confirmation message in the TTN console but on the device itself, nothing arrives. Also on the local gateway, the downlink message does not arrive.

Hi @descartes,

can I ask if you are seeing uplink data or downlink data on the device? Because it seems everyone on this thread is talking about uplink, but my issue is related to downlink messages.

So from TTN to the device