Downlink Insert mode

I use the Replace downlink queue in the TTN console’s Schedule downlink Insert mode to quickly drop data and cause packet drops. Using the Push to downlink queue (append) does not lose data. Why?

What if I want to always be in Push to downlink queue (append) mode? Because whenever I re-enter the Schedule downlink interface, I will be re-selected to replace downlink queue mode.


Sorry, I’m just a student, maybe my problem is terrible, but I want to solve it.

Replace downlink queue - If a message are scheduled already it will replace it with the new one you send, if it weren’t sent to the node.

Replace downlink queue is the default setting on the console, so it will go back to it every time.

Normally you will actually send your downlink from your App not the TTN Console. In the JSON you send to your node you can specify all the settings, like “Replace downlink queue” or Push to downlink queue (append)

Glad to hear from you, I can modify the downlink Insert pattern in my application, right? Can you give an example? Thank you!

And then read under integration, depended on you integration is how you are going to set it up.

Thank you! Do you mean that the way I use MQTT or Webhook setup is different? Sorry, the TTN documentation is really difficult for me to understand.

Yes, they are slightly different but similar.

What are you using MQTT or Webhooks?

Yes, MQTT, can you advise me? Or show me how to do it. Thank you so much, you are really great.

Did you actually read the documentation? Very self exoplanetary.

No, do NOT solve it - you are approaching downlinks like you can just send a sequence of them whenever you like.

The Fair Use Policy is clear about a maximum of 10 per device per day, the consensus on here is that 1 a week is acceptable, 1 a fortnight is OK.

Why? Because when you send a downlink the gateway can’t hear any uplinks, which means all other devices go unheard.

And if you start sending a stream of them, well that’s just going to take over the airwaves.

And don’t even think of using confirmed downlinks, they make the situation worse. As does confirmed uplinks, only more so.

All of this is discussed in detail all over the forum, so you may want to search the prior discussions.

Thank you!
I roughly understand what you mean, where can I learn more about LoRaWAN and TTN?

I try to understand

There is a Learn link at the top of this page. There is a link to the docs at the bottom right of every console page. Google search can help.