Downlink message failure: No decoder defined for LT22222-L

I have configured a dragino LT22222 as my end node and Integrated to Datacake using an API key and Token. I am able to control the device from the Datacake console. The problem is that when I view the end device Live Data on TTN. I receive a error message " Decode downlink data message failure "No decoder defined for codec lt22222-l-codec ". What could be causing this error?

As the message says, there is an encoder for download ( from TTS to node) missing. If you want to see the data of your node or send commands to your node using TTN-console, you have to enter the appropriate decoder and encoder in the TTN-console.

Have the same problem with the TBHH100. Where can i find that codec and how to set them up? Sorry, its my first LORAWAN gateway and test.

The LoRaWAN gateway just converts radio waves to IP packets, so don’t focus overly on that.

The manufacturers usually provide the resources for their devices.

And a downlink decoder is a cosmetic item to show on the console what you asked to be sent.

As the Fair Use Policy is 10 downlinks a day and we’d prefer 1 a fortnight. LoRaWAN is all about data up and is not suitable for command & control applications.

We don’t want to send many downlinks a day. Just one to set the configuration.

That mens if it is only an cosmetic thing we can ignore the message about the codec?

yes - but you should check the device is doing as you expect - downlinks aren’t guaranteed to arrive, codec or no codec