Downlink Problem (join) OTAA The Things Indoor Gateway(TTIG)

I had the problem that the join fails to often with my node. And one answer was from WASN see here He sad he had same problem with it. What should I do?

While the TTIG does have stability issues, I’d expect those to appear as a total loss of uplink and downlink, which is not what is being seen.

My first suspicion would be issues in the node, especially timing related.

Heltec says timing should Not be a problem.
Because also WSN had a problem. And should it work servel time good and suddenly not.
It is always the easiest way to say the node has timing problems.

The postings in that thread did not seem informed by any great degree of understanding.

When someone has used a scope to verify the node timing in the actual incident where a downlink is missed, then I’ll start to believe that the node timing is correct.

What is a problem with the TTIG is that it isn’t easy to examine local log output from the gateway during a test.

@cslorabox I have now bought an USB digital analyzer. I hope I can add code for debug in the heltec library.