Downlink problems with LMIC and Advantech WISE-6610

Hi there,

I’m trying to configure a system formed by:

  1. A LoraWAN gateway Advantech WISE 6610, that uses a very basic semtech packet forwarder (in a previous post I realized that the status “not connected” persist until first packet is sent by a node)

  2. A Sparkfun SAMD21 pro (see here), an arduino-like device that uses LMIC library in its sketch.

When I try to configure the node with OTAA, TNN receive (I can see it in the console) I see from log of packet forwarder that “Join Accept” packet is received from Advantech Gateway, but firmware stuck at “EV_JOINING”.

When I try to configure the node with ABP, TTN receive the first packet but no ack (or such thing) is sent towards the gateway (I usually can see it in the console, but for some reason not now), so the firmware of Gateway stuck at “packet queued”, EV_TXCOMPLETE never occurs (at this moment I cannot see uplink.

If i try (in both modality) to send a downlink packet from console it arrive only when received one is signaled to console. Where am I doing wrong?

I answer my own question: I had to solder these two contacts:

Without doing this LoRaWAN compatibility does not work even if the first packet is sent anyway. I would be glad if someone could explain me why this happen.

Thank you! :blush:

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