Downlink queue message expiration


  1. Do downlink messages have a default expiration time limit?
  2. Can I put a time limit on downlink messages?
  3. is the message age visible or creation timestamp visible to the end device?


Have you studied the documentation? Does it mention a time limit?

May-be check the documentation to see if there is a way to specify a time limit? Hint, I don’t find any mention of it.

Does the LoRaWAN package format include that information? Easily found by reading the standard.

Well, I did read the documentation and didn’t find a default downlink message time limit. The same for point 2 for a specific downlink message time limit. About point 3, I’m using a Heltec arduino lorawan library for the end device with very little documentation and I’m not getting any timestamps for downlink messages on the end device. I want to make sure that they should come in and I was hoping someone else run into the same problem.

1 and 2, well if you didn’t find it it might be safe to assume there is not such thing. Why do you think there is one?

And for 3, I was refering to the LoRaWAN specification as published by the Lora Alliance, not vendor documentation. And if you make the effort to read the standard you will see there are no timestamps being transmitted in a LoRaWAN packet. Why do you assume there should be a timestamp?