Downlink via API (V3 Webhook Integration)

So in V2, I used to send downlinks via the HTTP integration.

It worked perfectly.

Now I’m trying to migrate to V3, and I thought, lets try downlinks with a test device. The documentation is quite sparce or maybe the links aren’t in place yet, but I’ve come across: Scheduling Downlinks | The Things Stack for LoRaWAN

I’ve followed the guide to create a webhook, the API key and added the downlink api key to the webhook configuration page.

I then try to make an API call:{application_id}/webhooks/{webhook_id}/devices/{device_id}/down/push – replacing the app_id, webhook_id and device_id.

And I get a 200 response. But I don’t see the downlink on the live messages section of the console.

Has anyone come across this? if yes, how did you resolve it?

Yes, I’ve posted the same issue on the MQTT thread - I think it is getting sent but its just not getting confirmed in live view or as a MQTT topic msg - I thinks its working as I am getting an ack for the downlink in the devices next uplink, live view says it get schedule at the gateway but the response to say its sent is completely missing - I am assuming its part of the V2 gateway > V3 msg broker glue that’s missing

If you set confirm downlink at least you can be sure it was sent and received

Thanks! I’ve got it working, not elegant, but will do the job for now.