Downlink with lora 32u4ll

Hello everybody excuse my english, I use the lora 32u4 ll to do uplink it´s works but when i tried to recibe the data (downlink) it never enter to this code:
if (LMIC.dataLen) {
Serial.println(F(“Received “));
Serial.println(F(” bytes of payload”));
somebody knows what happend ?

Many existing threads have covered this type of problem, both for plain downlinks and also for the role of join accept downlinks in OTAA.

Please take some time to look at existing debugging suggestions.

Also make sure that the network is actually commanding a gateway to transmit a downlink, and remember that you can only get a downlink in direct response to an uplink, precisely 1 or 2 seconds later.

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Hellow cslorabox, thanks for your answer, I view some similar postbut i tried to do the same accions and It dont works in my serial monitor I can see the uplink message and in the server the data arrives, but I dont recived nothing in the downlink.This is mi serial monitor


I appreciate your answer thanks for your help

Hi @camiIoiot,
To get useful feedback (and prevent others from having to make guesses) you really should provide more (and detailed) information like:

  • What is the version of your board?
  • Which LMIC library are you using (URL, version)?
  • What is your region/frequency band you are using ?
  • What sketch are you using?
  • Have you configured all pin mappings correctly?
  • Have you added any manual wiring for DIO1 (which is required for several versions of the BSFrance LoRa32u4 II boards)?
  • Are you using OTAA or ABP activation?
  • Have you explicitly set Clock Error or not (required for these boards to prevent problems with timing/joins/down links)?

A simple search for loara32u4 shows below thread on top which contains probably most of the information that you need (start reading at the top).

Try to follow the information and instructions in below LoRa32u4 thread first. If that still does not help then please post your questions in below thread.

Big LoRa32u4 boards topic