Downlink with MAC-command to set DR

I’m about to test the ADR of the device and am trying to trigger a downlink command with a desired datarate. I couldn’t find any infos how I could enqueue a command which is done using LoRaWAN ADR Downlink Message Calculator — BARANI DESIGN Technologies. Any help? Neither the API nor the CLI was helpful until now.


They were helpful - the absence of a function in the API or CLI to explicitly set the DR tells you that the function does not exist. ADR is computed by the NS, you have some degree of control over its calculation parameters but there is not a ‘set DR to X’ command.

You can do that via your own downlink if your device firmware supports it. The supplied spreadsheet is interesting but is at most technical level of detail. I wonder how the vendor supposes you inject such values in to any of the stacks they mention on the web page. Perhaps you could ask them?

Also consider, with the volume of data & experience that TTI has, can you do better?

Was meant I couldn’t find a solution, which does not mean the documentation is bad it is just a info that I didn’t findaway.

I understood what you were saying, what I am saying is that the absence of the command from the list tells you that there isn’t a command.

If you look at the evidence, which is there is a whole range of ADR related commands, but not one to set the DR explicitly, there can only be, Sherlock Holmes style, one conclusion, that it doesn’t exist. (There is a reason my user id is ‘descartes’).

Generally having the NS run the ADR scheme is soooooo much better because whilst your back is turned, a local gateway drops off the network and to restore a healthy link margin the NS will automagically reduce the DR for you and, when the missing gateway comes back online, increase the DR for you. All this happens whilst you are asleep and it’s all good.