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Hey guys, I have a question regarding the use of downlinks. Is there any way for my RAK11721 module to read a downlink from TTN and send it back to me in my microcontroller? To be more specific, I have a code in micropython and I’m using AT commands to connect with TTN, I want to know if anyone knows an AT command that can read a downlink when it shows up in TTN to send it back to my microcontroller because I’ve already read the datasheet of RAK11721 and couldn’t find it.

you have a node (rak11721) sending a uplink to ttn

once ttn received this uplink you want a conformation downlink to the node so the node knows the uplink were successful

that is what i understand from your question

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Yes that’s exactly what I need. Do you know if it is possible to do that?

terrible implementation of lorawan to do that

your gateway are bound by the same legal limits as your node

as soon as you have two nodes using one gateway your gateway are using double the amount of air time as one node if you have three nodes the gateway are using 3 times the amount of airtime

very soon your gateway exceeds legal limits

have experienced this 300 nodes were deployed before the gateway were took a few days for all the nodes to join the network as for every join request there is a downlink so the gateway exceeded legal limits and were muted

Another question that I have is if exists any AT command that can receive downlinks from TTN. Is there anything about that?

No, that’s not what you asked for. You didn’t ask for confirmed uplinks, which are indeed, as mentioned above, a very bad thing.

But this means you need to learn LoRaWAN (link called Learn at the top of this page) so you actually get what you need and the circumstances under which you will receive a downlink.

Downlinks overall aren’t good - a design needing regular downlinks is not good for the local radio waves - once a fortnight for configuration is about right - several times a day for command & control not so much.

As for the RAK11721 using AT commands, what documents have you looked at? And why ask here and not on the RAK forum? And as RAK sell a range of AT driven modules, why would it be in the data sheet which will cover the electrical connections & similar when the common firmware is documented in a shared document.

What command are you using to SEND an uplink - once you have that, you could look to see if there is an opposite command. Or failing that, read the list of commands available until you find the one you need.

Hopefully these hints will help you think around the problem & do some research.

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