Dragino DLOS8 gateways, a good choice?

Who can share feedback?
Especially about the range.

Lots of previous coverage of the GW on the Forum - Forum search (top right) is your friend…TL:DR seems to be well respected, never received a unit to test so cant validate myself but happy with other Dragino GW’s I have and have worked with.

Kind of irrelevant as all LoRaWAN GW’s are generally based on same chipsets and evolutions and SMTC reference designs with minor adaptations so performance is typically ‘of a type’, newer chipsets may offer lower power consumption or a few extra features which may or may not be exploted depending on s/w implementation. Minor GW variances are usually swamped by poor installation and bad location practices!.. TL:DR Get the GW (or atleast the antenna) high as poss, keep the feeder cable if not directly attached as short as possible, if longer cable a neccessity use Ultra Low Loss cable vs standard or even Low Loss - to keep cable induced signal loss as low as possible. Ensure Ant and any cable/connectors/adaptor connections are tight - and if outside water tight (Protect joints with self amalgamating silicone tape etc.) Dont get caught up in the ‘my Ant gain is bigger than yours’ arguement (typically seen on e.g. Helium network where reaching extreme distance other GW’s values more than real world locality coverage - and stick with a classic 3dBi ant…maybe go to 5dBi if you need to compensate for any cable losses… otherwise you have to dial down the GW TX power - it’s a zero sum game!

Good gateway, worked fine for me with excellent range until the mast it was mounted on went down during a spring storm earlier this year. I’m waiting for the mast to be repaired and then it will be remounted.
I’ve been using the Dragino antenna with it, be careful with the sma connector on their supplied cable as it came of on my first cable.

As an indoor gateway covering a small house, I’d say the DLOS8 is over engineered but Dragino have a good portfolio of products (if that’s what you mean by range).

Hope that helps.

Note to anyone else reading, acquiring a DLOS8 does not necessarily mean your mast will be destroyed in Spring - it can happen in Autumn or Winter too!

Don’t forget about summer.

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I’m sorry to insist, Can anyone tell me, I use the Dragino DLOS8, and not one of his brothers and its current range in town is X km ? I plan to buy this device for public use, it should be good to not spend 350 € for a bad result. If TTGO, Kerlink or other is requested, say it now please. Thank you for your advice. Regards

I am sorry to insist in not being able to provide the answer you are seeking as the range depends on a lot of variables. However I can tell you that the DLOS8es range will be equivalent to most other gateways, including Kerlink.
Basically all gateways use the same chip sets and almost all of them are based on the same design so will perform the same.

The biggest contributor towards range is gateway antena placement.

And the bggest restrictors of range for a given configuration and deployement are topology and building clutter…

…deloy in a valley or where the surrounding land is more that even a few meters above the height of your GW ant and your range will be primarily be limited to the RF ‘watershed’ range where you loose line of sight. Deploy at relatively low level in a high density built environment and you may struggle to achieve the distance the configuration can support in theory…

I once deployed a $500+ config in the Thames valley in UK but when I mapped coverage I realised that the valley escarpments and hill ‘walls’ and downstream and up stream bends meant that coverage was mostly limited to a 2-2.5km to 4-4.5km range…so went back and swapped the gatewayf for a <$100 TTIG install and got essentially the same coverage area (I did note signal levels in some directions were a few db to perhaps 10db lower but still entirely acceptable for my deployment scenario - given signal had to penetrate in/out to the indoor location), and saved the big kit for a better deployment location :wink:

Not knowing anything further of your location its hard for us to advise any further…

@fbedon, apart from the fact you aren’t in any position to insist as this is a forum run by volunteers, you may just about be able to insist on the Dragino forum, but that would still not be polite, the text above “all use the same chipsets” and many many endless discussions about range calculation are spread all across this forum - take time to search & read.

There are also, courtesy of Mistress Google, some mapping software that works on terrain only (ie, it doesn’t know about the buildings).

But fundamentally the discussions boil down to a well placed antenna, some mapping and in-fill with smaller gateways if coverage is patchy. It is completely normal to start with one gateway and end up a couple of years later with five as take-up ramps up.

Its actually quite difficult for a manufacturer, such as Dragino or other, to produce a ‘Gateway’ that has poor range.

The LoRa devices used are standard, so no good or bad module versions. Thus as long as the antenna is good, connected and postitioned properly, there will be very little difference in range performance of the various gateways.

I’m just testing one just now and am just about to mount it in the woods at the end of a 100m of POE, but so far so good. Works well on LoRaWan but is really flaky on LorioT.

Oh, regarding range, I use this site to give me an idea. Really cool site for seeing what you could get distance wise.

That is pushing it. Very much at the limit if not over,

This is TTN which is a LoRaWAN network like LorioT, however the later is not the subject of messages on this forum. Use their forum if you want to discuss LorioT,