Dragino gateway -- support TTN Basic Station

Thanks Jeff-UK, the link to that article did not work or me - says page does not exist or is private…

Maybe this hint can help you:
“Please note, the global_conf.json file will be overwrite by the match region files in /etc/lora/cfg-30x when change settings in the web. So user need to change the files in /etc/lora/cfg-cfg-30x instead of global_conf.json”
It’s from wiki.dragino.com

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Today I installed the latest firmware on one of my LIG16s and startet BasicsStation. The data-packages are transferred to TTS-CE and the applications.
But: The Home-screen of the LIG16 shows the status of AWS-IoT Core Station service (Station is not running) and “Gateway-traffic” is still empty.
So back to Semtech UDP.

Hi Wolfgang, Thanks for taking the time to look into this, much appreciated! Dragino think that my hardware might be faulty, so I’ll park this up until I can get a replacement gateway…
Many thanks to all those that have tied to help :slight_smile:

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Got mine on Basic station but GPS just doesn’t work; support haven’t been helpful as yet.
I used minicom to connect to ttyGPS and can see the GPS data so I know its there;
but in TTN Console I dont get any antenna_locations at all

Dragino have helped to further troubleshoot my LPS8 problem and it seems to be a hardware problem (at least that’s what I understand - related to the the “failed to start concentrator” message I was getting. My new LPS8 is now working fine.


Just to confirm the latest firmware update for the LPS8 (lgw-5.4.1640315898 dated 24 Dec 2021) does not fix these issues. When configured as TTN Basic Station:

  • the ‘LoRa log’ page does not show any Logreads, all empty
  • the ‘Gateway Traffic’ page shows an empty graph
  • the ‘System Log’ page shows LoRa log under section ‘Previous Log: station’, with many ‘Time sync rejected’ messages
2022-01-11 08:42:34.028 [SYN:INFO] MCU/SX130X drift stats: min: +0.0ppm  q50: +4.8ppm  q80: +6.4ppm  max: +10.0ppm - threshold q90: +8.9ppm
2022-01-11 08:42:34.028 [SYN:INFO] Mean MCU drift vs SX130X#0: 4.8ppm
2022-01-11 08:42:40.093 [___:INFO] lgw_receive:1155: FIFO content: 1 c9 1 7 db
lgw_receive:1174: [3 17]
Note: LoRa packet
2022-01-11 08:42:50.980 [S2E:VERB] RX 924.4MHz DR5 SF7/BW125 snr=10.2 rssi=-17 xtime=0x7E0000634CAE34 - updf mhdr=40 DevAddr=260D9B01 FCtrl=80 FCnt=18 FOpts=[] 01C2F08411 mic=806341944 (17 bytes)
2022-01-11 08:42:50.981 [___:INFO] lgw_receive:1155: FIFO content: 1 b4 2 5 11
lgw_receive:1174: [6 17]
Note: LoRa packet
2022-01-11 08:42:57.131 [SYN:VERB] Time sync rejected: quality=209 threshold=134
2022-01-11 08:43:03.098 [___:INFO] lgw_receive:1155: FIFO content: 1 d5 2 7 d9
lgw_receive:1174: [3 17]
Note: LoRa packet
2022-01-11 08:43:18.134 [SYN:INFO] Time sync qualities: min=81 q90=134 max=209 (previous q90=134)
2022-01-11 08:43:18.134 [SYN:INFO] MCU/SX130X drift stats: min: -1.0ppm  q50: +2.9ppm  q80: +3.8ppm  max: +8.1ppm - threshold q90: +7.6ppm
2022-01-11 08:43:18.134 [SYN:INFO] Mean MCU drift vs SX130X#0: 2.9ppm

However, the TTN console is showing my gateway is active, and i get 0% packet loss so it seems to be working just fine for the moment.
I upgraded my firmware (not preserving any settings) because with version 4-Nov-2021 my gateway crashed every other day; i hope the latest version fixes this.


In my case i am back on November firmware - because the December version caused a lot of disconnections from internet. With both versions Basic station is not sending the status data every 30 seconds - so i am back to semtech UDP.


New Firmware today. Still no status data every 30 seconds - so again back on November and semtech UDP.

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can’t you see the gateway online at TTN status by Basic Station at all?

Only when a node is sending some data it shows actice. After a few minutes of recieving no data it shows disconnected.

Today I made an update of my LIG16 to the latest firmware and switched to Basic Station.
Basic Station seems to work but still there is nothing shown in “Gateway Traffic”.
In the console the status is shown as “connected”, “Last activity” is only updated if there is a message from a node - that is ok for me.
It seems like no regularly status messages are sent from the LIG16 to TTS CE (or these messages are not shown anymore).

Even more than 1 hour of receiving no data from nodes, my LIG16 still shows “Connected” in the console. Then I unplugged the gateway and within less than 1 minute the console showed “Disconnected”.
I plugged it in again and after a few seconds the console showed “Connected”.

There is a communication between the gateway and TTS CE we do not “see” and maybe we dot not need to see it.
@dreimal8 I dont understand why your gateway shows “Disconnected” after a few minutes of receiving no data.

I am in contact with dragino support and i made a factory reset and fresh install of the latest firmware and than recordet 5 minutes logfile and gave it to the support. So lets see if that can help. May be something is wrong on my side…

imho TTS CE and the gateways are playing “Ping-Pong”. If TTS misses to many “Pings” the gateway is shown as “Disconnected”.

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The status interval time for the 30s is not applied to the Basic Station protocol.
which only applies to the Semtech UDP protocol.

One thing is for sure, the gateway is keep connecting to the server, even though you can’t see the gateway status on the TTN console, but once the gateway receives the sensor node’s uplink which will forward to the server.

Ok - thanks a lot for the support!

I summarize again to make sure I understood everything correctly:

  • The settings under “LoRa - LoRa” (keep alive, frequency plan, static GPS…) are exclusively for semtech UDP.
  • Basic station has no “keep alive” status data.
  • The gateway shows only the uplink data of the nodes in the TTN live data overview if the basic station mode is used.
  • The frequency plan is fetched from the TTN settings and not set on the gateway when basic station is used.

Is this all correct?
If yes - then I finally understood how it works :wink:
Thanks a lot!!!

You are absolutely right!
Thank you for your summary of it!!!

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Nevertheless still there is nothing shown in “Gateway Traffic” of my LIG16. So I went back to Semtech UDP.