Dragino Kit

Hello im complete new to the LoRaWan and TTN world.
I bought, with out longer research (which probably was a mistake), the Draguino LoRa IoT Kit V2. Now after a little testing and more research it seems likes this kit is not the right way to join the TTN with an own Gateway. From what I understand the gateway in the package is only single channel but a TTN gateway has to be dual channel.
The bottom of the gateway says it is dual channel but everything else says it is not.
Gateway: Dragino LG01-N

Have i messed up and need a different gateway or is there a way to use it?

Hope that this is not the stupidest question ever…

Thanks for your help

Nope for a LoRaWAN compliant deployment you need an 8 channel system - single & dual channel packet forwarders (basically nodes masquarading as lite GW’s) are deprecated and not supported on TTN.

If using Dragino I’m sure Edwin and the team will happily sell you either the LG308 or LPS8 GW’s - I’ve had reasonablly good results with the latter on long term test :wink: and I know others have good results with the former…( :thinking: really should get one to try myself! )

The LG01 & LG02 and kits using them are described as LoRa vs LoRaWAN these days (vendor took a while to change description causing much confusion) and many distributors have been slow to catch up and clarify which hasnt help get message out…

In short yes! :wink: (Messed up -bought without proper research!, need different GW - as above!, technically poss but dont!) Sorry!

There are still articles showing how to connect to TTN - BUT PLEASE DONT! The internet hates what it may see as sensorship so difficult to take down all these early guides, but just because something CAN be done doesnt mean it SHOULD be done…search the forum and you will find lots of comments and background as to why SCPF’s & DCPF’s are no longer supported TL:DR - they disrupt network operation for compliant users who do not know that they may be talking to a limited none compliant GW.


Thank you!

All the now “wrong” tutorials are very confusing.
Is there any reason to keep the gateway?

:thinking: keep hardware, add some sensors, modify s/w and use as a node? perhaps…