Dragino LDS02 - correct set-up


I have successfully set-up my Mikrotik LR8 GW and I can see the traffic on the LiveData feed.
I also have added an application to include my node Dragino LDS02.
When I activate the magnet, I can see traffic occuring with the GW.
It looks all good.
uplink message

LiveData from device tab:
I can see the details, the status etc…

However, I tried to conned my Jeedom box to TTN and also myCayenne.
I can see no data in both systems coming from my node.

I am sorry to ask this very stupid question:
once the node is registered on TTN, do I have to change something on the payload formaters screen:

I am a bit lost for now: I can see the data from the node, I can see other nodes connecting to my GW, but I do not understand how to exploit the data from my own node!
Thks for your help (newbie inside)


Have you set up e.g. integration to Cayenne?

Mhmmm maybe not ! :slight_smile: Thks for the lead!!
Will try

I managed to connect my TTN dashboard with Jeedom through the plugin LoraNode, so I do not need Cayenne for now.

Thank to the community for the help!
I am glad to say that there is a new TTN Gateway in France, in the Paris Community!!
I have now to work on the coverage of this GW (I have already purchased the external antenna…).

Long Life to TTN!!


I have an additional question.
I tried to configure my module to send alarm when the sensor is opened more than 30 sec, as per Dragino manual.
I got what i think is an error message:

I sent the following payload:

A9 01 00 1E

It is supposed to trigger a uplink message after 30 sec if the door stays open.